TOP 5 films about cooking, after watching which you will want to cook
TOP 5 films about cooking, after watching which you will want to cook

Before watching these pictures, be sure to eat something tasty.

Judge of the 10th season of the "Masterchef" project at STB Vladimir Yaroslavsky shared the top 5 films about cooking that inspire him.

Often the chefs, we often think about work and forget about their personal life, about loved ones, about relatives and, probably, some special situations can put them in order.

Vladimir is sure that these masterpieces teach people not only about cooking and not only ignite a passion for cooking, after seeing the dishes, which we inspire and cook in our kitchen. These films teach relationships and how to balance life.

Vladimir Yaroslavsky

Julie and Julia: Cooking a recipe for happiness

This film with Meryl Streep and Amy Adams is about learning to cook: hard, interesting, educational. About the role of women and men. As it was before and as it is now.

Julie and Julia: Cooking Happiness with a Recipe

Spices and Passions

This American comedy drama will tell you that cooking does not stand still, it changes, but it is based on basic principles, on basic French cuisine. Only now we can add spices, mix styles, and it's fun!

Spices and Passions

Chef Adam Jones

A dramatic movie starring Bradley Cooper. A very real film similar to a life situation about how to achieve success. That it is really difficult.

Chief Adam Jones

Taste of life

American romantic comedy starring Catherine Zeta-Jones and Aaron Eckhart. They are playing a couple of cooks. An unrealistically beautiful picture about the true life in the kitchen.

Taste of life


This cartoon is a great way to show us what cooking is. That we can return with impressions both to childhood and to our favorite time. The kitchen is an experience, first of all, a kind of theater or a time machine. Not only thoughts about health, satiety.

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