Svetlana Loboda got married and showed the father of the youngest daughter
Svetlana Loboda got married and showed the father of the youngest daughter

In honor of her 36th birthday, Svetlana Loboda decided to share the most intimate - to show the one who hugs her and her daughters every day.

Over the past year, Svetlana Loboda has collected almost all music awards in the CIS and taught everyone that tickets for her solo concerts are sold out in the very first hours.


Svetlana's performances are booked many months in advance. But besides work, Svetlana became a mother for the second time this year, having given birth to her daughter Tilda.

The singer turned 36 yesterday. In honor of such an event, Loboda published a message to herself on her Instagram page.

I would like myself to choose people more accurately and not to waste myself with emptiness, to be sure that the person who is next to you loves you, and not your image. And I would also wish myself never to lose that childish spontaneity and sun-filled eyes that so often over the years are filled with sadness and regret. I would really like the child in me to live forever

- writes the star.


Also, Svetlana shared a touching family photo in which she is depicted in the arms of her lover and daughters - Evangeline and Tilda.


The attention of Loboda's subscribers was attracted by a gold wedding ring on the finger of a stranger's right hand. The ring with a diamond also flaunts on the finger of the singer herself. Many have suggested that he got married.

Thank you for the happiness in my eyes and the music in my heart. Thank SKY for everything I have. For the music. For love. For the children. For a life. For everything that makes me happy today

- the artist writes under the picture.

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