The star of the sitcom "Daddy rules" Alexander Stankevich: "Family is also work"
The star of the sitcom "Daddy rules" Alexander Stankevich: "Family is also work"

On February 15 at 18:15, the TET TV channel started showing the favorite and new episodes of the sitcom "Daddy rules", which is an adaptation of the American TV series Man with a plan from the CBS channel.

The leading actor, theater and film actor, Alexander Stankevich, told the readers of "The only" about the choice of profession, self-criticism and the principles of building happy family relationships.

How did you get into the acting profession? Does your family have anything to do with creativity?

There are no singers, actors or dancers in my family. On the contrary, all mathematicians, engineers, people with an analytical mindset. I am the disgrace of our clan (laughs). Somehow, from school, I thought of becoming either a policeman or an actor, these are absolutely polar professions. But still I decided that creativity is closer to me, so I entered the theater institute.

First of all, life and experience, because they are an inexhaustible source of motivation and change, both personal and professional. And, of course, the Odessa Academic Ukrainian Music and Drama Theater named after I. V. Vasilko, where I learned the essentials for my craft.

Alexander Stankevich

Terribly self-critical, I don't like everything. I can't watch what I'm doing on the screen, because I always find what I could change or play differently. I analyze in detail all the turns of the head, facial expressions, movements … Acting means constant work on my skills.

Honestly, sometimes I force myself to look at the works in order to understand what it looks like. But so far not a single TV series or film has been watched to the end.

Globally, no. But I would like to do something in the style of the crime drama series The Sopranos, in the role of Tony Sopranos, of course.

No way. It is very difficult and almost impossible to combine. Only when there is a day off, I try to spend it with my son Timur, wife (Elena Stankevich - ed.), Preferably somewhere in nature. And when I'm in a busy shooting schedule, I practically don't see my family, because I leave early in the morning and return very late, when everyone is already asleep, and I don't want anything myself because of fatigue.

The main thing is to find your person, with whom you will overcome all difficulties and share the joys. And without patience, nowhere - your partner does not deserve for you to break loose, to take out your anger and complexes, internal dissatisfaction, on him. Work on yourself and learn to accept people as they are, because everyone has flaws and shortcomings, even you.

Alexander Stankevich with his wife

I think you need to learn to understand your loved one and hear. Family is also a job. There are no ideal people, and we all learn to get along with each other. You need to be able to thank and not forget that each of us is sometimes difficult, maybe even unbearable, and appreciate your soul mate for patience.

Everything in bits. We have everything, even household appliances. Sometimes we quarrel, and sometimes we fry mushrooms together. We are versatile people.

This is his life. Let him do what he wants and what makes him happy. I will support his choice, this is the meaning of parenting. Although I do not mind him becoming the director of the meat processing plant (laughs).

The main thing is to take care of yourself. Children follow our example. It is impossible to teach a child not to smoke, not say bad words or not be rude if you do it yourself. First of all, you need to educate yourself every day so that the children themselves want to be like their parents.

Alexander Stankevich with his son

I don't think people owe each other anything.Everyone in the family does only what he wants. If you understand that your wife is busy with the child or at work, what prevents you from silently taking and helping her? This is a story about support and mutual understanding, there should be no division into responsibilities.

The main thing that unites us is that we are loving fathers and are not afraid to help our wives.

Alexander Stankevich on the set

To be honest, nothing has changed in my work, I do not perform at large venues, I do not have a restaurant business. Therefore, I am filming and playing in the same mode.

And family relationships were not affected by the quarantine?

Our relations even got better, because we had the opportunity to spend so much time together - we played, watched films and cartoons. Quarantine is, of course, bad, but sometimes it is useful to sit at home too.

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