The star of "Trace" Antonina Khizhnyak had an affair on the set: details of the relationship
The star of "Trace" Antonina Khizhnyak had an affair on the set: details of the relationship

The leading role in the TV series "Trace" Antonina Khizhnyak is in love again.

In March, the viewer will see the continuation of the detective series "The Trail" on STB. The OCA team will investigate even more complicated cases, and new faces will appear in the ranks of the operatives. Meanwhile, on the set, the working relationship between the two actors turned into a romantic one.

The actors of the series Antonina Khizhnyak and Alexander Bodnar came to the start of filming the new episodes as a couple. In a conversation, they talked about their acquaintance and their first impressions of each other.

What was your first meeting?

Sasha: I remember our first meeting at the pavilion, we tried on costumes. We did not even exchange a word with her. Tonya then went on a platoon, was dissatisfied with something, and we could not even get to know each other.

Tonya: Yes, then I came for a fitting after quarantine before the start of filming. And something that day was so nervous. And I didn’t pay attention to the fact that we had a new person in the team. But to be honest, I didn't behave very nicely that day (laughs). So I'm usually in a good mood - Sasha was just not very lucky to find me like that.

Antonina Khizhnyak and Alexander Bodnar

Tonya: Normally, we met on the first shoot, on May 31, after quarantine. Then we ended up in the same dressing room, and the whole day we were filming together in the frame. We had the opportunity to see who we would be working with and what kind of person he was.

I remember Sasha's very first appearance that day: we were standing on the street near the pavilion, and there was some kind of chaos around before filming began. And then Sasha appears - such a sun, smiling, kind. One feels that the person has good energy. He introduced himself and began to greet everyone in a circle. Even at that moment I thought that he was still so smiling - he just didn’t know where he was. But he remained the same. Everyone on the set loves him. Everyone knows: if Sasha is on duty, it will be fun and easy. He always defuses the situation, even when my energy is running out. He always supports me: tea, sweets, buttoning up his jacket. Sasha is definitely holding on better than me.

Sasha: Somewhere in the middle of July, we began to communicate more often and get to know each other better. We even had birthdays in one week, on the 21st and 28th. We congratulated each other, but by the way we celebrated separately. Our relationship began in August. Everything started spinning very quickly. Because of the filming, we didn't have a lot of time to go on dates, but I brought her coffee, tea and candy from the catering (laughs).

Tonya: Yes, then we spent a lot of time on the set. We were more at work than at home. There were many scenes, we spent the whole day together, and during the breaks we talked about something different. And so I began to get to know the person better and gradually got used to him. I wanted to see him and hear new stories from him.

Antonina Khizhnyak and Alexander Bodnar

The decisive moment, I think, for me was the period when I broke my leg. And Sasha was filming with me in this scene. Then I lost my independence and mobility. And he supported me very much during the three months of rehabilitation. Then I realized that he is a reliable person who is not only a great partner on the set, but also a good person in life. I was imbued with such an attitude towards me and looked at him from a different angle.

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