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“I became strong and confident when I realized my value”: candid interview with Oli Polyakova
“I became strong and confident when I realized my value”: candid interview with Oli Polyakova

Night queen. A singer with a voice of four octaves. Happy wife and mother of two daughters. The most beautiful (winner of the "Viva! Most Beautiful 2018" nomination) and talented.

Singer Olya Polyakova became the heroine of a new interview for the Connecting Women project with Inna Katyushchenko. An interview in which sincere emotions sounded in every answer.

It seems that there are no difficulties in the life of a singer. Although she does not hide them, she does not make a tragedy out of it. On the contrary, he looks at everything with a great deal of irony and humor.

In a conversation with the publisher "Viva!" and “The only one” Inna Katyushchenko Olya spoke frankly about the advantages of her early marriage, ageism in Ukraine, her own self-sufficiency and competition in show business.

We have collected the most vivid quotes of the singer in our material.

About self-sufficiency

You need to live life today, now and exclusively for yourself. It is important to understand that “for yourself” is not selfishness, but for your family, children, your loved ones, your profession, while relying on what is good for you.

About Ukrainian show business

There is no tough competition in the world of show business in Ukraine. No, because we don't have show business. This is not a business. There are few artists in our country: for a 40-million country, 6-7 top artists are very few. There is no competition here, because, in principle, there is not much to fight for. Especially now in the conditions of a severe economic and emotional crisis.

About celebrity recognition

The question of unappreciation in our country is very acute - we really have a lot of underestimated stars. Artists need to be encouraged. Everyone wants to be recognized, especially in their shop. When I released the show "Queen of the Night", and my concert came out on "1 + 1", the only person who wrote me a huge message was Philip Kirkorov. Only really great artists are generous with praise.


We doubt our abilities, not because someone belittled us in childhood, but because we really have neither experience nor a profession by the age of 25. Why do people gain self-confidence by the age of 35-40? Because they already understand what they have achieved in their profession, in their personal lives. I became strong and confident when I realized my value.

The benefits of early marriage

I am very fortunate to be married early. Because today I would not have come out. First, the character is formed. It's hard to live with such a woman. After all, a man wants a woman to be always there, and I gave my husband such an opportunity. We had 10 years of great family life, when I gave birth to children, cooked, made dishes from clay … Secondly, today I would no longer have time for my personal life.

About ageism

Today our way of life has given us an extension of life, youth. Today's 30 years, when it is still youth, and 30 years 20 years ago are completely different things. Therefore, in today's conditions, this question is not worth it. I believe that there is no age. It only exists in the passport, which must be burned in the fireplace. The most ageist and sexist comments I get are from women. Women themselves put an end to themselves, their youth, their vital energy.

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