Lesya Nikityuk opened up about his personal life and beloved
Lesya Nikityuk opened up about his personal life and beloved

Leading "Who's from above?" and "Le Minibuses"? on the New Channel, Lesya Nikityuk told what qualities a man should have in order to win her heart.

For the last month, Lesya Nikityuk is increasingly predicting the role of the heroine of The Bachelor. What is not an ideal candidate? Clever, beautiful, sportswoman, earns good money and has a great sense of humor.

And what guy can capture Nikityuk's heart?

For me, the ideal man is as easy as shelling pears. My dad is a very cool, simple person, a top-class welder. He is a real man. I've always been a partner for my mother. If mom peeled potatoes, he fried them. You know, there is such that a man needs to be asked to do something, to give a task in advance, to schedule everything. And he himself always connects. And just complements mom. Knows how to do everything: drill, nail, make wiring. He was an electrician. Dad is the boss. Probably, he is that ideal of a man

- the presenter admitted in an interview with Gordon.

Lesya Nikityuk
Lesya Nikityuk

It's just that it's difficult for ordinary guys to get to know the presenter now.

No matter how calmly I communicated when meeting, they already treat me differently. For example, they fit: "Lesya Ivanovna, can I take a picture with you?" Or: "I beg your pardon, can I take a photo?" And you stand there with hope. And he says: “For a mother-in-law, wife or children

- the star shares.

Lesya Nikityuk
Lesya Nikityuk

Also Lesya Nikityuk admitted whether she is in love now.

Heart hasn't burned out yet

- the presenter intrigued.

Who owns the heart of the star, she did not disclose.

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