"Supermama" with Dmitry Karpachev: a business woman against a glamorous mom
"Supermama" with Dmitry Karpachev: a business woman against a glamorous mom

A new week of the psychological reality "Supermama" begins on the air of the STB TV channel.

Four mothers will again compete for the title of the best. Participants in the reality show "Supermama" will visit each other, study the features and methods of upbringing in the family, and then evaluate each of their competitors in three categories: parenting, thrift and self-realization. In the final, the host of the program Dmitry Karpachev will also put his mark.

On Monday, STB will show two issues in a row at once. The first to invite to her house is the heroine of "high standards", a business woman and a mother of two children, Dasha.

I am very demanding. I know how to be a superwoman, I know how to be a superwife. My family is happy

- says Dasha. Will the rivals agree with this?

Supermom with Dmitry Karpachev

Immediately after Dasha, the participants will go home to the glamorous mommy Alena Laurent.

I'm a super mom! I'm a supermom because my kids don't need anything. They fly to rest four times a year, they are fully dressed and shod, and only in branded things. I raise my children in full prosperity and provision

- says Alena.

Supermom with Dmitry Karpachev

Who will impress Dmitry Karpachev and other participants with their methods of education, we will see today, on May 18 at 18:15 on STB.

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