"Supermama" with Dmitry Karpachev: how to prevent jealousy of older children
"Supermama" with Dmitry Karpachev: how to prevent jealousy of older children

The final story of the Supermama project with Dmitry Karpachev this week will be the story of the Honored Artist of Ukraine Tatiana Peskareva. Her rivals are eager to see how the singer is raising her two daughters.

First of all, Tatiana strives to develop all the creative potential in children. They sing, dance, go to all kinds of circles, because in the future mom sees them on the show business stage.

I bring them up very girly. I want my girls to grow up to be real women. So that they become good wives and give birth to wonderful grandchildren for me. But at the same time, my task is for them to realize themselves in life as wonderful creative personalities. Therefore, they are engaged in pop vocals, pop choreography

- says Tatiana.

"Supermama" with Dmitry Karpachev

The singer considers herself a supermom, because she has learned to combine both stage and family in her life. But during the audit, Tatyana's rivals discovered an unpleasant detail. The youngest six-year-old daughter receives much more attention and love than the older one.

The youngest girl goes to an expensive private school, and every day she is taken from there by her mother or father. While the eldest without parents goes to the usual state. And this is just one of the moments of their life.

How to raise children with a difference in age, so that no one feels oppressed, we will see in the new episode of the reality TV "Supermama" - on May 7 at 18:00 on the STB channel.

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