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How to cope with child aggression and tantrums: recommendations of psychologist Dmitry Karpachev
How to cope with child aggression and tantrums: recommendations of psychologist Dmitry Karpachev

The psychological reality "Supermama" continues on the air of STB. The first participant of the new week was the bully mom Alena.

Alena is raising her son as a fighter. The main thing, the girl thinks, is to be able to stand up for oneself. Although strength and courage are generally positive qualities.

But psychologist Dmitry Karpachev found flaws in Alena's upbringing methods, which she should pay attention to. Otherwise, the boy will grow up just a fighter.

Artem hits mom and strangers for no reason

Children under two years old can fight adults. They do not yet have developed empathy and do not understand that they are hurting. But not a single fist can be ignored! The child must be strictly told not to fight. It is important to make eye contact so that the child considers your unsatisfactory emotions.

In addition, Alena makes no comments to her son. It seems to the boy that he is doing everything right and his mother approves of his actions. Now Topic is two, and you can laugh at his actions. But as soon as more power appears in his hands, there will be no laughing matter.

parents and children
parents and children

2-year-old boy has no daily regimen and can go to bed at 12 at night

For preschoolers, a clear daily routine is just as important as a balanced diet. If a two-year-old child does not have a regime and rules, his nervous system does not have time to recover, and all his energy goes into guessing what to expect next. The nervous system is exhausted, tantrums occur more often and anxiety grows.

Alena considers children's tantrums normal

Yes, indeed, many children have tantrums. The fact is that the baby's nervous system is not yet able to cope with the surging emotions. But if the tantrums are systematically repeated several times a day, and do not go away after 15 minutes, this is not normal.

There are many reasons for hysterics, but what I saw in Alena's house suggests that Artyom wants to either sleep or eat. For the whole day, the boy does not have an allotted time for lunch or sleep. These are direct consequences of the child's lack of regimen.

parents and children
parents and children

The girl is aggressively disposed towards any criticism towards her

Alena reacts aggressively to the comments that sound to her. Obviously, this aggression is passed on to her son. And this may just be one of the reasons for his constant attacks on others. We must not forget that children not only feel all our emotions, they also take over the emotional state of their parents.

Alena refuses to forbid anything to her son

Education cannot be effective without restrictions and prohibitions. If a child grasps a bare wire with his hands, won't you say “no!” Either? It is easy for children to get lost in a vast world and in such freedom. They just do not yet know what can and cannot be done. Give the child freedom, but only within the framework of strict restrictions.

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