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Dick Facts You May Not Know About
Dick Facts You May Not Know About

For men, their penis is not just an organ, but also a best friend, which they take even too seriously.

The penis is the main toy in a man's life, which he has from early childhood until the end of his life. We offer you to find out some interesting facts about the life of manhood.

He can make him twitch

A man cannot control spontaneous erection, but at the same time he can make his penis twitch.


Member changes size

It's incredible how versatile the human penis is! And if you met "him" during arousal, do not be surprised when, in a calm state, his appearance changes significantly. And vice versa. According to statistics, the same penis can change depending on different situations. So, at rest, the length of the penis ranges from 5 to 15 cm, and the thickness is about 2.5 cm.

A member can decrease in such situations:

  • at the end of intercourse
  • in case of failure during intercourse
  • with severe fatigue
  • in a state of heightened arousal
  • while swimming in cold water
  • with an illness of a somatic or mental nature
  • when it's very cold

And vice versa - the penis becomes larger and thicker in situations opposite to those listed, as well as when a man enters a warm room or when the nervous state changes by calming and relaxing.


If we talk about the state of erection, then the thickness of the penis at this moment increases to 3-4, 5 cm, and the length - up to 18, and even up to 23 cm. The maximum length described in the scientific literature reaches a record number of 30 cm.

He cannot control his erection

Erection is the most unpredictable property of the male body! This is an arbitrary process and it is impossible to order it like a table in a restaurant, and just as it is impossible to stop it. Here men are passive players. Therefore, do not rush to get angry if, during hugs with one of the men, you feel that he is worth it. Most likely, he himself is in shock, but his genitals are under the control of the nervous system. By the way, a man can get an erection even if there is no woman nearby.

It's like when you are on an escalator with an umbrella in hand, which does not want to close in any way.


He admires his cock

Yes, he really does it! Often men look at themselves naked in the mirror, posing with a penis: they either "tuck" it between their legs, pull it back, or let it dangle back and forth.

Every penis has a nickname

Men do have a specific nickname for their "boyfriend", even if they don't admit it. Each penis gets a "name" at some stage of its existence and it is rarely used, but it still exists.


Must be shaken

This is a must-have rule after urinating - just as it is important to wipe your mouth after eating. The fact is that even after a man has gone “in a small way, a certain amount of urine must remain in his urethra afterwards, and it can only be removed by shaking.

Men appreciate each other

Men often study each other with curiosity. This process can be observed not only in boys in childhood, but among men who cast sidelong glances at the dignity of their own kind in toilets, saunas and baths.

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