Max Barskikh remembered the past and arranged hot dances on the floor
Max Barskikh remembered the past and arranged hot dances on the floor

Within the framework of the project "Dances with stars" the premiere of an episode of the grandiose show by Max Barskikh took place, which the singer will present at the capital's Sports Palace on October 27.

Despite the fact that Max Barskikh refused to participate in the project "Dances with stars" because of the complicated concert schedule, the artist nevertheless appeared on the floor. True, in the status of not a participant, but a guest star.


In the 6th live broadcast of "Dance with Stars" the singer presented a musical and choreographic blockbuster, which, contrary to the expectations of viewers, consists not of one song, but several.


Barskikh presented a megamix of his five main hits of recent times - "Mists", "Unfaithful", "I Want to Dance", "Friend-Night" and "My Love". In this production, Max Barskikh remembered his dancing past, when his shows were accompanied by choreography.

The artist's number has become one of the most difficult in the project "Dances with stars" - 20 dancers, live sound, constantly changing dynamics of the performance. The performance was appreciated not only by the audience, but also by the members of the jury of the project.

Max's colleague, singer MONATIK, gave a standing ovation. The storm applauded all the participants of the show Katerina Kukhar, who a few days earlier on her Instagram shared the performance of the song "Mists".

We rarely perform as part of television projects, but on the eve of a grand concert at the Sports Palace, we wanted to open the veil of secrets for the audience, and show a piece of the long-awaited show

- commented Max Barskikh.

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