The mother of Andrey Danilko died: details are known
The mother of Andrey Danilko died: details are known

The terrible loss in the family of Andrei Danilko became known on the air of one of the TV programs.

The first episode of the program "Vikrittya.Pislyamova" on the LIVE TV channel is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Verka Serduchka. But during the broadcast, it became known that Andrei Danilko experienced a terrible tragedy: his mother died.

The journalists of "Vikrittya.Pislyamova" learned about this when they arrived in the village where Svetlana Ivanovna Volkova lived.

The news of the death of Danilko's mother was stunned. Until now, neither the press, nor Google, nor Andrey's fans knew about this. Perhaps he didn’t want to advertise that he was in mourning,”the neighbors told the journalists of the project. According to Svetlana Ivanovna's neighbors, she passed away in the eighty-third year. “I knew about it. Andrey wrote to me: “Mom died …

- shared the backing vocalist of Andrey Danilko Elena Romanovskaya.

Andrey Danilko
Andrey was at the funeral. There was a service in the church, he did everything like a loving son. She and my mother were friends …

- told a friend of Danilko EL.Kravchuk.

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