Alla Mazur spoke about the loss of her mother for the first time
Alla Mazur spoke about the loss of her mother for the first time

The most popular Ukrainian journalist and TV presenter TSN. Time for 1 + 1 Alla Mazur on her birthday came to the morning studio Snidanka from 1 + 1.

The presenter Alla Mazur, who after the victory over Onco became for many a symbol of the invincibility of spirit and inspiration, supported those who most needed it all year, starred in social advertising, spoke at webinars, urging them to be attentive to their health.

Alla Mazur

Also, the presenters Nelya Shovkoplyas and Yegor Gordeev talked with the presenter about the family. For the first time, Alla showed her dear photographs from the family album, and talked about her father, her younger brother, and most of all, about her mother, who has always been her closest friend, her inspiration, her guardian angel. Now Heavenly. Unfortunately, my mother has recently passed away.

I set myself up for a long time. Mom went to heaven about two months ago, it's hard for me to talk about it. I did not write on social networks, did not speak in public, perhaps because I still cannot let this thought into me. All the time it seems that my mother has gone somewhere to a sanatorium and will be back soon. I feel her presence, I talk to her, I consult, I try to do everything so that everything is fine in our family, because she always took care of us. On their birthday, they thank the parents. I want to thank Mom for what she put into me, for giving life to me and my brother, for the love that reigned in our family. Mommy, I know you can hear us. We love you very, very much. Dad love you

- said Alla Mazur.

Alla Mazur with mom and son

Alla urged not to forget to call relatives, say "I love" at the first opportunity, and if someone quarreled, be sure to make peace and hug. After all, there is nothing more valuable in this life than relatives! And she suggested that the Ukrainians make the creation of family albums a good tradition.

Mazur also showed photographs of her son Artyom - even when he was very young: on vacation in Bulgaria, his first communion, on September 1, a first-grader son with his grandfather and grandmother in embroidered shirts.

Alla Mazur

And then - last year's, where the son is engaged in jumping on a stunt scooter. This sport is his main hobby to this day. Now Artem, like most teenagers, refuses to be photographed, but the TV presenter calmly accepts such a desire of her son.

Artyom is now in his teens - he is already 13 years old. As the teachers say, this is the time of separation, awareness of one's own I, some kind of separation from the parents. The son loves to express his position - it is very interesting to hear his reflections on life. From time to time we argue about something. The subject has matured, now it is very difficult to persuade him in photography, it is almost impossible, even on September 1 he had already refused to be photographed. But I respect his own position. As psychologists explained, children must go through this period of estrangement. It's good when they go through this on time, in adolescence, and we, parents, should understand our adolescents and not be offended by them.

- says the presenter.

Alla Mazur with her son

Yegor Gordeev also asked if disputes arose between them at home during the period of growing up of his son.

I was ready for this period, and it is, of course, not easy. But Artyom is so wise that sometimes he surprises me. The good news is that we periodically review these childhood photos, and then he melts when he remembers all these happy moments.

- Alla answered.

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