Evgeny Koshevoy: "There is more responsibility in my life"
Evgeny Koshevoy: "There is more responsibility in my life"

A frank conversation with Evgeny Koshev about family, creativity and leisure.

On April 24 at 20:15 on 1 + 1 the second premiere release of the updated "Evening Quarter" will be shown. More humor, political parodies and impressive performances by guest stars await the audience. The renewed stage and scenery completely changed the visual component of the "Evening Quarter" - an incredible amount of light and screens create a grandiose show!

In addition, the translation of concerts into sign language has become a unique innovation of the Evening Quarter. In March, there was a tour of the cities of Ukraine, where concerts with sign language interpretation for people with hearing impairments have already been shown.

We want everyone, without exception, to enjoy our show. Previously, only music festivals did live concerts with sign language translation. We want to promote the principles of inclusiveness through our projects, including

- comments the artistic director of the "Evening Quarter" Evgeny Koshevoy.

Evgeny Koshevoy

In Kiev, the concert was held without spectators due to the lockdown, so this time it was necessary to abandon the sign translation in the hall. But at one of the media services within the framework of the "Marvel at the Yak Thoughtfully" campaign, you can already exclusively watch a concert with sign language translation. In the future, all concerts of the "Evening Quarter" live with the audience will be accompanied by a translation into sign language.

This Saturday, the audience will see the premiere of the song from Jamala, the incredible performance of NK, our performance with Lena Kravets with the orchestra, a huge number of bright parodies and everyday performances on topics familiar to everyone. And, of course, just an explosive incredible scene. It's worth seeing!

Evgeny Koshevoy Evening party quarter

If not for the quarantine, there would be more. Probably not so much work as responsibility has increased. But Ksyusha also does not have much free time, since she is closely engaged in the brand of her clothes and spends whole days in the showroom.

So our days pass like all average families: husband and wife at work, children in school and kindergarten. And in the evening we all meet together at home for a family dinner.

Because of this, there are no quarrels. But I reproach myself for not talking to my family much. At work, you say so much that you don't have the strength to devote time to your family. And it gnaws hard. You need to try to communicate more at home.

Evgeny Koshevoy

Only winter and summer holidays, which we plan in advance. If it's wedding anniversaries or someone's birthdays, then we don't refuse to work. The day off does not always coincide with our dates. Sometimes we shift the celebrations by a few days so that everyone can gather and everyone can attend. But I will not cancel the work due to certain dates.

We were in Thailand. Aerophobia was overcome without a parachute jump. I just confronted the fact that there are two tickets to Thailand for 10 days, we haven’t had such a vacation yet, and that’s all - we need to fly. “Okay,” Ksyusha replied. Thus, we got rid of aerophobia.

I want to jump with a parachute, but I'm very afraid! And I think that I will never jump. I will see from a height what the distance to the ground is and I will give it up right away. Ksenia also says: “Not with your happiness. Let's not. " In addition, after Nastya's jump ended (Nastya Kamenskikh broke her leg after a parachute jump, - editor's note), I think I'd rather just joke on the ground.

If we're talking about acting makings, then yes. She began to copy the habits of characters from films and cartoons a long time ago. When I was 3, I remember I painted my whole face with watercolors.I almost died when I saw it. In general, our cosmetics began very early - but it is impossible to dissuade from this.

Varya wants to be a universal artist. Although at the moment the emphasis is on vocals. Quarantine made some adjustments, but now we have already resumed everything. It's just that online studying is not as cool as living - the sensations are not the same and the classes are not so interesting.

Evgeny Koshevoy with his daughter

I didn't help. I knew the director and understood that they would cope with everything without me and direct my child to the right acting path. Varya was auditioning, competed with three female actresses and passed. So, apparently, and without my advice, she can cope on her own.

For pocket expenses - to me. But at first she will feed all her friends, there will be nothing left for herself. Recently I gave money for gloves - all my friends are full, but there are no gloves. To dye your hair - to mom. If mom doesn't allow, he goes to dad. The last time she took out her mother so that Ksyusha said: "Yes, paint already!" So now Varya is of radical black color … Sorry, chestnut (smiles).

Evgeny Koshevoy

Computer games. She plays with friends over the network - they talk and shout. The daughter is fighting the dark forces. So, apparently, will become a female superhero.

Now we are preparing for school, this year we need to go to the first grade. Probably there will be some additional circles. She wants to dance for a long time. And maybe we'll try a music school.

Interview organized by the press service of the Studio "Kvartal 95"

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