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TOP-3 beauty habits that can enhance the effect of cream and serum
TOP-3 beauty habits that can enhance the effect of cream and serum

To make creams and serums work to their fullest, supplement beauty tricks with good habits.

For caring cosmetics to work, it must be applied strictly according to the rules. And then there are many tricks that will make the ingredients penetrate deeper into the skin.

Work and rest hours

Radiation from laptops and other gadgets, city smog, decorative cosmetics on the face from morning to late evening, lack of sleep - all this leads to dullness, loss of skin elasticity, and premature wrinkles.

To prevent this from happening, regularly take a "vacation" for the skin. During the day, refresh it with thermal water, once a week do a makeup detox: give up decorative items and do only skincare procedures.

thermal water
thermal water

And never sacrifice sleep: during the night, the process of renewal of skin cells takes place. It is important that you sleep at this time - if you are awake at night, regeneration slows down significantly.

Competent cleansing

Many skin problems are caused by improper cleansing. Choose products by skin type, and also pay attention to such gadgets as electronic brushes, devices for ultrasonic and vacuum cleaning.

Do a peeling or deep cleansing mask (based on ghassoul clay, seaweed) twice a week. And never, no matter how tired you are, do not go to bed without washing.

peeling skin
peeling skin

A healthy diet

The condition of the skin directly depends on the condition of the intestines and liver. If these organs are clogged with toxins, rashes, hot spots of dryness appear, and the complexion becomes uneven.

Our GI tract loves simple, plant-based foods, lean meats and dairy products. But sauces, fast food and sweet soda should be avoided altogether.

Drinking regime is very important for the skin. When you drink a little often and often, valuable moisture goes directly to your cells.

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