Why one night stand is not such a bad idea
Why one night stand is not such a bad idea

Sex for one night. Why not? When you become an adult, you realize that sex can only be sex.

Each of us was brought up that love and sex must go hand in hand. But this is not always the case. The only one has collected for you three stories of girls who shared with us their sex stories for one night.

Masha, 31 years old


I was brought up so that sex for me for many years was synonymous with the word "love". That is, in order to freely engage in it, there must be a loved one near me, with whom I imagined my life in the future. There, you know, a house, children, a dog.

Casual sex happened after breaking up with my boyfriend. We have already set a date for the wedding, and one evening I found out that he cheated on me on a business trip. He confessed himself. I couldn't forgive. Against the background of disappointment, I left with a friend for Turkey and decided that I would not leave without a holiday romance.


So everything is trite. Nice hotel, it's from England. Lots of booze, sun, sea and good sex. Not at all the same as with a regular boyfriend. You don't think about anything, just enjoying the process. You are not bound by obligations, dreams and plans. In general, I liked it. Now I share good sex and love.

Inna, 38 years old

My first one night stand happened 10 years ago during a retreat. The family had a difficult period, and our company took us out to sea for training.

We met with the guys from the branch from another city. Training, conversations, disco in the evening. The atmosphere disposed to just relax and leave all the problems 600 kilometers away. As a result, I had sex with a colleague from another city. So great that we sometimes met for another year in different cities to be together. And this is not love.


Since then, different stories have happened in my life. And you know, they give me air to live in the boring, same and gray routine of family life. No, I love my family, but over time everything becomes so boring …

Katya, 29 years old

And I just love sex. No, this does not mean at all that I sleep with everyone. But if I am attracted to a guy, and I just want him, we will have a relationship. How long will they last? Depends on the chemistry between us. Sometimes a month, sometimes a year.

I do not believe that there should be relationships in life only when there is love. After all, you can wait for it for years. If you like a guy, you feel good together, and you want each other - why not spend some time together?


Now I am 29, and I have not yet met someone from whom I would like to have children. So, according to some, I should live without men? No, I don’t want that.

What do you think about sex for one night?

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