Why keep a personal journal: 5 reasons why you should start
Why keep a personal journal: 5 reasons why you should start

Do you have a diary?

When it comes to the diary, many associate with the school. But in fact, keeping a personal diary is much more relevant for adults. And we know at least 5 reasons why you should start keeping a diary from the new 2019 year.


Every day in a diary you can write down your feelings and emotions, thereby pouring out your experiences, stress and pain on paper. This will help avoid quarrels and emotional outbursts.


Life is Beautiful

Be sure to write something good in your diary every day. Let it be a beautiful landscape that you saw on a walk, a smile of a waiter or a delicious cake. So you will learn to notice the little things in life and you will understand that life is incredibly cool thing.

Goals, desires, achievements

The diary can also be used as a planner, writing down your goals for the day, month, year in it, and then, all the same on paper, write down your steps that you take on the way to the goal. So you can analyze your path, notice any mistakes or shortcomings.


My own blogger

In a journal, you can practice your writing skills, which are likely to be useful somewhere in your life. Imagine that you are writing a book about your life.

Point of view

Every day a whole stream of information falls on us, in which it is not difficult to drown. In it, you can lose your own point of view, being lost in the opinions of others. Thanks to the diary, you can express your opinion on a particular matter to the owl.

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