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Foreplay that men will love
Foreplay that men will love

Explore the hidden male erogenous zones.

They say that only women need foreplay. But it is not so. It's just that the body of men is less sensitive and some touches seem to them a boring prelude to the most important thing.

But men also have erogenous zones, and their caresses will help to turn him on even before the start of sex.


The earlobes are one of the most sensitive areas on the male body. Playing with your finger with the sink, through the kisses of the neck and cheekbones, slowly grasp the lobe with your lips, bite very lightly. Alternate this with light sucking on the lobe.



Many people think that breasts are just the female erogenous zone. But this is not the case. If a man can be indifferent to the caresses of the breast itself, then no one can resist the caresses of the nipples. Just squeeze it lightly between your finger and twist it a little.


It is not for nothing that most men are so fond of both gentle massage and female "scratches" during sex. But the main erogenous zone on the back is along the spine. Try running your finger dipped in lubricant or massage oil from top to bottom. Or a special feather from a sex shop.


Big toe

It is said that the concentration of nerve endings on a man's big toe is about the same as on his penis. You don't need to tickle him, but kissing or sucking this finger (of course, after a joint shower) is definitely worth it.

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