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3 simple techniques to help you calm down quickly
3 simple techniques to help you calm down quickly

Always stay positive.

Stressful situations can unsettle even the most persistent. But sometimes you need to pull yourself together and not let go of your anger. There are several techniques that work for this.

Close your eyes

80% of irritants entering our body come to us through the eyes. Just closing your eyes is a great way to get rid of unnecessary stimulants from the outside, focus on your feelings and curb them.

By the way, this is one of the reasons why it is recommended to sleep at least 8 hours. This gives the brain enough stimuli to be able to process them. And precisely because of lack of sleep, absent-mindedness arises.


Push the wall

Coming out of ourselves, we seem to swell, leaving the boundaries of our body, we lose the ground under our feet. Directing energy to something solid and motionless in the literal sense gives us a fulcrum and awareness of ourselves as a physical body, and therefore strength to cope with any nervous situation.

Just direct your energy and anger at the wall, pushing it for 10-15 seconds.

Blow the bubble

Breathing practices help to recover from stress, only breathing calmly and measuredly in a state of anger is quite difficult. Do the exercise: Imagine blowing up a soap bubble. Put your palm in front of your face, as if you are squeezing a tube in it, stretch your lips, take a calm deep breath and carefully inflate an imaginary bubble. It should be big, so don't rush to blow.


This breathing practice will quickly return you to a balanced state. By the way, you can also inflate real bubbles - it's even more fun!

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