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Is it possible to criticize a husband with children: the opinion of psychologist Dmitry Karpachev
Is it possible to criticize a husband with children: the opinion of psychologist Dmitry Karpachev

Psychologist Dmitry Karpachev told how to criticize her husband correctly and how to resolve conflicts in the family.

The ability to criticize, no matter how surprising it may seem to some wives, still needs to be learned. Let's consider this global problem for many families together with Dmitry Karpachev.

The psychological reality "Supermama" continues on the air of STB. The third heroine is the single mother Sasha, who is raising three children herself.

Sasha kicked her husband out of the house, but the negative in his direction did not end there. She constantly criticizes the father of her children, but this is not the only problem that Dmitry Karpachev noted.

Sasha pays his daughter's money for help

Children really need to be introduced to money. But to reduce all relations solely to finance is a huge mistake! Because of this behavior, children simply do not want to provide friendly support and help just like that.

Children sleep on cots in the same room as their grandmother

Even if the family does not have the opportunity to allocate a separate room for the children, it is necessary at least to allocate a separate corner for each of the children. To have your own bed, your own table, your own toys. This will allow the child to know the boundaries of his personality, as well as learn to defend them.

husband and wife scandal
husband and wife scandal

Sasha is fanatically looking for a new husband

Attempts to find a new husband, and at his expense to provide for their children, look at least strange. Sasha recently broke up with her ex-husband, and usually after a breakup, women need time to be alone and deal with feelings, define their values and form new goals. And this excitement around the new man may be associated with deep fear. The fear of loneliness and the fact that by yourself without a relationship you are worthless.

The heroine speaks very negatively about the father of her children in front of her children

Over time, former lovers may change their outlook on life. They can no longer live together - not because someone is bad, but because the two of them are uncomfortable. You look at the same things differently, which can cause you to quarrel. And you do not want to quarrel, so you decided to live separately. It happens, and this is how you need to explain the divorce to children, and not blame your ex-husband for all sins. If the mother inspires the children that their father is a loser, then the children understand that they are the children of a loser. This awareness is traumatic for the psyche of any child.

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