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How to wind your hair at home
How to wind your hair at home

Small tricks for those who do not have a curling iron or curlers at home. Perfect curls at home are quite real!

For the first two methods, you will need a hair straightener. But usually it is in the beauty arsenal of every girl.

The technology is simple and does not require additional costs and conditions. It is enough to have a flat iron to straighten hair, but with a temperature regulator, in order to set it according to your hair type: for thin hair - 110 degrees, for normal - 160 degrees, for hard - 170 degrees.

Before spinning, apply a heat protectant for styling your hair.


Curls with a hair straightener - the first way

We start by clamping a small strand of hair at a distance of 5 cm from the roots between the ironing plates, wrap it around the iron once and clamp it again. Or you can turn the iron itself 180 degrees around its circumference, and then slowly iron it down along the curl.

Curls with a hair straightener - the second method

Another way to make curls with an iron is to wind a strand on your finger, and, carefully removing the skein from your finger, place it between the ironing plates. Or fix your hair in an iron and pull it through your hair, slightly curling it down, as if curling your hair into a curl.

It is important not to hold the iron in one place for more than 5 seconds, otherwise you may burn your hair.


Curls without ironing, curling irons and curlers

Let your hair dry a little without a hairdryer by 70 percent, then (without using a comb) blow-dry it so that it remains a little damp. Grab a small section of your hair. Roll it up to the top and dry this area with a hair dryer for a few seconds. Repeat this process, curling your curls in different directions to add volume to your hair. Secure the curls with a little nail polish.

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