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Julia Pankova lost nine kilograms: we found out how she did it
Julia Pankova lost nine kilograms: we found out how she did it

A few months ago, the presenter of the program "Inspector" (New Channel), Yulia Pankova, was credited with pregnancy.

The gossip was quickly dispelled after the girl publicly announced her divorce from her husband. Julia Pankova explained to all fans that the relationship ended peacefully, without scandals and accusations.

Now the girl has lost 9 kilograms and is ready to share the secret of how she achieved this.

You can write a memoir about how much I have tried. There was buckwheat and keto, a protein diet, intermittent fasting, insulin measurements and trips to very cool nutritionists. For myself, I have chosen several rules and tips. They are very simple and the most effective for me.

- the presenter admits.

Yulia Pankova
Yulia Pankova


I bought a huge jug to control the amount of water I drank. I drink 2-3 liters a day. I drink most of it in the morning to avoid swelling.


I go to bed until 22-23 o'clock. It is important that the necessary hormones are produced that are responsible for our metabolism. Go to bed later - the weight will not go anywhere.


You need to move during the day. The best option for me is 10 thousand steps a day.

Yulia Pankova
Yulia Pankova


Eliminate all fried foods, sweets, baked goods, and potatoes from your diet. Eat fruit before 15:00. After 15 hours - no carbohydrates. We eat baked or boiled fish and steamed green vegetables.

We don't eat after 19:00!

By following these rules, I lost nine kilograms in five months. By the way, my mom lost weight too. Its result is minus ten kilograms. Slowly but very effective. I feel great now

- says Julia.

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