Birthday boy of the day: hobbies, feelings and plans of Alexander Stoyanov
Birthday boy of the day: hobbies, feelings and plans of Alexander Stoyanov

"The most beautiful ballet couple in Europe" - so long ago the star spouses Ekaterina Kukhar and Alexander Stoyanov were christened. They have been together for over ten years, but they did not officially get married until last fall.

"Love is more important than a cliche" - this is the principle that Alexander Stoyanov lives by, he has repeatedly said about this in his interviews. Today the world ballet star celebrates her 33rd birthday.

Stage costumes and graceful movements, dizzying jumps and complex supports … Ballet supporters are used to seeing Alexander Stoyanov like that.

Alexander Stoyanov with his family

But in his spare time, the premier of the National Opera puts on comfortable clothes and picks up … weapons!

Unfortunately, my profession and my schedule do not allow me to often practice any other sport besides ballet. The last time I was at the shooting range was a couple of days ago, and before that, a couple of months ago. As a child, I wanted to play sports. I went to taekwondo and ballroom dancing in parallel. At one of the competitions I was noticed by a retired ballet dancer. He approached my father and said: would you like to send your son to a ballet school? He may have a great future

- says Alexander.

An ordinary guy from Yalta - Sasha Stoyanov - graduated from the Kiev Choreographic School and went to work at the National Opera of Ukraine. In the first days of work I met Ekaterina Kukhar.

When I came to the theater and saw her standing opposite me at the soloists' bench, everything was confused in my head. It was an attraction that grew into love

- Alexander recalls.

Alexander Stoyanov with his wife

But first Alexander was a friend. I was there, supported, did not show feelings. And when he confessed, Catherine was wary of his words.

He told me: “I want to devote my life to you and to make you feel happy every day. I thought, "I wish it were true." And also: "Never mind, it will take 5-10 years, he will forget about it and everything will be like everyone else." But no!

- Ekaterina Kukhar shared her memories.

Ekaterina Kukhar

Once Alexandra and Ekaterina were assigned to work in pairs in the production of The Nutcracker. They became a couple not only on stage. The Nutcracker has become a landmark performance for Alexander. It was he who brought him closer to his future wife. And for two years in a row, Stoyanov has been organizing a charity screening of this performance, and he donates all the proceeds from ticket sales to the Inter-Children Foundation for the purchase of medical equipment for children's hospitals.

Now the birthday man, like most of the artists, is on forced leave due to quarantine, but does not sit idle. The dancer has many plans. In particular, he dreams of opening his own ballet school. In the meantime, he tries to spend more time with his family.

He is the best dad. He cooks amazingly. He cooks fish and meat unrealistically tasty, and does it easily, fervently, on a whim. And also - he never denies anything to children.

- says Ekaterina Kukhar about her husband.

Alexander Stoyanov with his wife

Alexander became an international star, conquered the best stages in the world - from Paris to Shanghai. He does charity work, and his heart is full of love. He succeeds in almost everything he undertakes. Alexander Stoyanov says that he will work in Ukraine as long as he feels himself needed by the Motherland. For now, the Ukrainian audience will be interested in what he is doing.

Happy birthday, Alexander!

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