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Fashion trends in makeup 2019: chocolate lips
Fashion trends in makeup 2019: chocolate lips

If you have not yet decided which lipstick color to choose for the beginning of 2019, this article is for you.

Winter 2018-2019 will be the time of chocolate shades. And it's not just about dyeing your hair. Chocolate lipstick is the must-have attribute in your makeup bag this winter.

Who suits


Make-up artists assure that chocolate lipstick shades are suitable for absolutely everyone. The main thing is to find your product. After all, chocolate can be, both with an admixture of coffee, and slightly go into a peach undertone.

So don't be afraid to experiment. It is also important that chocolate shades are combined with any clothes, and will be appropriate, both in daytime and in evening make-up.

What to wear with chocolate lipstick


For your chocolate lipstick makeup to be perfect, be sure to create an even skin tone. Don't forget about a small amount of highlighter.

It is best to leave the eyes intact or make a translucent make-up. But put a special emphasis on the eyelashes. As for the eyebrows, keep the effect as natural as possible.

Important: if you want to do evening makeup with an accent on the lips, choose more saturated shades.

Where to find


Beautiful chocolate shades of lipsticks can be found in such brands (we are talking about a situation where quality and price match perfectly): NYX, Artdeco, Maybelline, Vivviene Sabo.

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