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What compliments do men from different countries give girls: you will be surprised
What compliments do men from different countries give girls: you will be surprised

Men are so unexpected when they come up with compliments.

In Iceland, I personally would be immediately won over with just one compliment.

Japanese haiku

A compliment to a girl from a Japanese is as unusual as everything connected with this country, which is far from us in every sense.


Romanian horror stories

With an admixture of gore and horror, Romanians can compliment.


“Are you a vampire by any chance? Because you looked like you were thirsty when you looked at me,”a resident of Romania might say to a girl he liked. From such a compliment, the blood in your veins runs cold. And it’s unclear whether they praised you at all or hinted at something?

Oriental tales

Eastern men can still beautifully say that their head will spin.


Practical Americans

My friend, who married an American, constantly says that these are the best men on earth. Because they are caring, attentive and specific.

And New Yorkers are generally masters of making very practical compliments: “our parting is like a traffic jam in New York. I just can't move on!”; “I should have called you Google because you have everything I was looking for”; "If you were a McDonald's burger, your name would be McDivno."

Some compliments - so generally redesigned advertising slogans: "my love for you is like the rabbit from the Energizer ad: it will go on forever"; “Is your last name Gillette by any chance? Because you are no better for a man!

And this compliment just immediately disposes: "I could not accidentally see you on the cover of Vogue?"

Italian smell

Italians, even in compliments, cannot do without their favorite drink.


But how exciting it is: "If you were ground coffee, you would be an espresso, because you are of the highest grade."

Icelanders can't live without ice

Compliments in snowy Iceland are very hot. Although not without snow and ice.


And if he steps on the ice, then wait for the next flirting phrase: “So the ice broke between us. What is your name?".

Denmark amazes

The Danes in compliments straight to the point and without hints: "I love Lego, you love Lego, why don't we build a relationship?"

But they sometimes get into romance too: “Girl, you are so hot! If you go to Greenland, then all the ice will immediately melt."

British restraint

The British, with their inherent humor, can pay a compliment so unexpectedly that it is difficult to immediately come up with a worthy answer: “Did your father accidentally serve in the RAF? Because you are just a bomb!"

And they are also incredibly romantic, they can mention the eyes and touch upon the favorite theme of all Englishmen - the weather: “It's no wonder that today the sky is gray, all the blue color is hidden in your eyes. “Are you Hurricane Ophelia by any chance? Because I cannot resist you."

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