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What to give a child for St. Nicholas: useful ideas
What to give a child for St. Nicholas: useful ideas

Gift ideas: useful and pleasant.

On December 19, Ukraine celebrates the Day of St. Nicholas. This is the day when gifts are put under the pillow for children. By the way, Saint Nicholas in English will be Santa Claus. So these ideas can be combined with gifts for the New Year and Christmas.


Candy bars. The ingredients of popular chocolate bars are now used to make candy. You can make a whole bag of sweets from your favorite sweets.

Box of sweets. If your child loves any particular candy, buy him a whole package. Moreover, on New Year's Eve they are issued in huge gift wraps.

Surprise egg. Now there are many variations of such a gift. Chocolate outside, surprise inside. You can choose a toy from those that your child loves.



World map. Helpful and interesting. A wall map of the world will help the young traveler find out how the world works and where he would like to go in the future.

Book … There are no children who do not like to read. It's just important to find their genre. Ask what exactly is interesting to your child. Perhaps he is a future fan of Enid Blyton or J. K. Rowling.

Musical instrument. If your child has a talent for music that he wants to develop, it's time to give him a musical instrument. And, if it’s a drum, it’s better to apologize in advance to your neighbors.


Smartphone. Children learn to use technology from a young age, so a simple functional smartphone will be a great gift for every child.

Tablet. It is convenient to watch videos, read and play on the tablet. So the eyes get tired less than in the case of a smartphone.

Notebook. A necessary thing in learning. Through it, the child can learn, communicate and experience the world. Of course, don't forget about parental controls.



Costume. Now they sew pretty cute costumes for children of any age. Teach your child to luxury and style from a young age.

Sweater. A warm sweater will always come in handy in cold weather, a great winter gift

Hat and scarf … A set of winter insulation will complement the image of your child and will not let him freeze.

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