What to give a friend for the New Year 2020: 5 interesting ideas
What to give a friend for the New Year 2020: 5 interesting ideas

A friend needs to give what she would like to herself! Agree?

Choosing a gift is not the easiest thing, but very interesting. It's time to think about what to give friends and family. We will make your task a little easier and show you what interesting things you can give your friend.

Decorative moss

Composition with decorative moss is always relevant and beautiful. It looks bright, you can pick up a special pot, or you can arrange it as an eco-aquarium or a painting. The main point is that this moss does not need to be watered like houseplants.


Wine glass

Someone who, and friends, certainly love to drink wine in the company of each other and chat heart to heart. If such gatherings have already become your tradition, it's time to start a special personalized glass with engraving - with individual inscriptions, favorite phrases, a name and even a picture. A great gift!


Piggy bank for wine corks

Continuing the theme of wine - pay attention to this wonderful piggy bank. It will also help you be personalized. And now every open bottle will remain in the collection.


Delicious box

If your friend has a sweet tooth, then she will surely like the box with a variety of sweets. Choose treats by color, add beautiful postcards and accessories in color - it will be very impressive. You can add a bottle of something alcoholic, like good champagne.



Well, this is always true. Choose something very cute and soft. Considering that 2020 is the Year of the Rat, you might find something themed.

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