Greenery on the balcony and windowsill: what to plant and how to grow
Greenery on the balcony and windowsill: what to plant and how to grow

Don't you like houseplants because they are "useless"? A minimum of gardening talents - and your windowsill or balcony can become a source of vitamins and fresh herbs.

If this is your first “project” with growing plants and you want to practice, choose fast-growing greens that are easy to care for: green onions, watercress, lettuce, arugula or basil. Fragrant companions of your tea parties - mint, lemon balm and sage are also suitable for the most novice gardeners.

Do you want super-simple and as fast as possible? You can buy greens already planted in the ground and cut down in containers, you just need to plant them in cute pots and find out how much water and light she loves. With good care, you can harvest it for months.

Green onions

The simplest option might be green onions. And there is no need to wry your nose now, remembering how sour bulbs in a glass smelled in the apartment of some acquaintance, we will do everything right with you.

Take half of the plastic egg carton and a pallet of a suitable size in which you will pour the water. Cut off the bottoms from the packaging, put an onion in each egg so that future roots can grow down through the hole in the bottom. Pour water into the pan so that the bulbs barely touch the water. This is the whole secret, it is necessary that only the roots reach the water, then the bulb will be strong and there will be no unpleasant odor.



Watercress and mustard greens also do not require land to grow. You just need to prepare a shallow container for planting, put a layer of porous paper, cotton wool or a special hydrogel on the bottom and moisten it. Sow the seeds as thickly as possible on the surface of the substrate and watch the miracle how your garden grows without dirt and dust.


If you want to feel everything "for real" - grow your mini-vegetable garden from seeds. The greens from the seeds will live longer and will give an amazing experience when the first flag leaves hatch on the young growth.

Choose early low-growing varieties with a short growing season for growing on the windowsill. Pay attention to the expiration date of the seeds, they may lose germination, the packaging must be dry, the seeds must not show signs of mold.

If you have a lot of sun, you can try to grow your favorite salad - Lolo Rossa, Lollo Bionda, Snowflake, Vitamin, these varieties are well bushy and not difficult to care for. Watch the humidity of the air, when the air is dry, the salad starts to taste bitter and shoot arrows.


Fragrant basil is easiest to grow from cuttings - put fresh stems in water and after five days they will grow roots, now you can plant it in pots and put it on a sunny window. Remember to cut the top off regularly so that it forms a neat bush.



For apartments with moderate illumination, lemon balm is suitable. It is sown in soil mixed with coconut substrate, moistened and covered with a film until the first shoots appear, then planted. Melissa requires regular watering and spraying the leaves with water, but make sure that the water does not stagnate in the roots of the plant.

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