How to learn to follow through and build willpower
How to learn to follow through and build willpower

Effective advice on how to reach the set goals and not stop on the way, from the business coach and coach of the country's top officials, Alla Zadneprovskaya.

One of the most frequent requests to a coach: "I want to learn how to complete things?", "How to learn to achieve a goal?" etc. I must say right away that such requests are not resolved "head-on", but gradually, as if helping to find a habit.

Therefore, before giving an answer, I want to tell you about why we often “slow down” or even leave the route altogether without reaching the goal.

We are hindered by 3 main reasons:

  1. Not relevant (not my goal, invented by someone or imposed).
  2. We are not burning! (there is no resource inside for the realization of a goal or business).
  3. We are afraid of the result (we think that others or ourselves may not like him, that we will have to take responsibility for him and move on).
How to learn to follow through

All these reasons are, of course, unconscious. We don't think about it literally. But, it is they who become those stumbling blocks on the way to the conceived.

To get things moving in the right direction, I suggest the following technique to help you get started. determine the importance each of them.


  1. Make a list of unfinished business.
  2. Check the truth of the goal. For each of them ask questions: Why do I need this? What happens when I complete this? And if I don't, what then? If nothing happens, then why quit? How will my life change when I complete this? What will happen to me? How will this affect my inner circle? How will this affect the world as a whole?
  3. Choose from this list those things that really matter to you. (How? You will understand from the answers). This way you will prioritize and clarify RELEVANCE.

Next, you need to measure your level RESOURCE.

To do this, ask yourself the question: "How much am I currently in the resource?" Measure it on a scale from 1 to 10. If this figure is less than 7, it is unlikely that there is strength to move towards the result.

How to learn to follow through

Another technique comes in handy here. "My resource".

Write 50 points of what gives you energy. Remember that there are different ways that affect the body, soul, mind and strengthen our spirit. Surrender to the flow! If, however, nothing comes to mind, look on the Internet.

After “creating this list, be sure to plan for the next week (so as not to be shelved) what will give the greatest effect. And when the resource is high, proceed to the chosen unfinished business.

And finally, let's deal with the third reason - FEAR OF RESULT.

Answer yourself honestly to the question: "What thought prevents me from completing this business?" There will be something like: "What if it doesn't work out?", "What will people say?" In this regard, I have a question for you: "How do you know?" Please answer it in writing.

I personally use the "50% to 50%" rule - maybe it will work, maybe not. After all, everything depends on us, our readiness, efforts, diligence, energy, investment in this goal (energy, time, money and emotional).

Therefore, instead of the thoughts that came into your head and that you wrote down, create others that will help you get started.

How to learn to follow through

And most importantly, in order to complete things, you need to stop wanting the result "immediately and yesterday." It is necessary to act according to the "rules of the green marker" - every day to notice the slightest dynamics and progress towards the completion of the case. And it's better to do it in writing. On the left in the column to enter plans for the completion of this case. On the right - what has already been done.By doing this daily analysis, you will be motivated to move forward.

And remember that we start with the truth of the goal. Then we connect the resource, we act and along the way we accumulate motivation for completion.

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