Oleg Vinnik became like a Spanish caballero
Oleg Vinnik became like a Spanish caballero

Singer Oleg Vinnik changed his image for the filming of a new video.

Singer Oleg Vinnik decided to give his fans an opportunity to guess which song he will present a new video for. With such a proposal, the artist turned to subscribers on his Instagram page, posting rather unusual photos.

In the pictures, the performer appears in an unexpected way: in a Spanish caballero costume and with long hair.

Artists must "reincarnate". First of all, it is interesting to look at yourself in a different role. I treat each new image that stylists offer me with self-irony. Moreover, I believe that humor should be present in my work.

- says Vinnik.


It took about 6 hours to create the image.

I had a rough idea of how I would look in the new video, however, I must admit, the end result surprised me. It turned out quite unusual. But why not? For me, the main thing is that everything is harmonious, that the viewer believes, and that the complete picture does not cause doubts in anyone

- the singer shared.

What song Oleg Vinnik is preparing a new video work for will become known in the coming days on the artist's YouTube channel and his official pages on social networks.

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