Why I don't love myself: 3 reasons that the psychologist named
Why I don't love myself: 3 reasons that the psychologist named

Self-dislike is something that destroys both inside and out!

"The only one" starts a new special topic "Lose weight in 8 weeks", where we will publish valuable recommendations from psychologists, nutritionists and fitness trainers on how to become more self-confident and beautiful. The first material is about why we do not love ourselves and how this fact affects weight. To understand this issue helped us psychologist Alexey Belovol.

Didn't receive recognition as a child

The main syndrome of "unloved self" women is that they did not feel important and loved in childhood. They say about such people “it grew like rubbish - grass”: they simply did not notice it, or didn’t listen, denying recognition. And even if it seemed to the parents that they were showing love, the child simply did not feel it.


And if at that moment a context has already arisen in the head that “No one needs me,” a person feels like a loner, therefore he himself ceases to love himself. Plus, it begins to compensate for the lack of love and care with food, thus saturating the body, but not the soul.

Sexual assault

The feeling of one's own helplessness was often compensated for by the size of the body. A body subjected to violence (both morally - psychological and sexual) often turned into an object of hatred, and therefore - the source of evil, which needs to be fed, to do more so that no one else dares to approach to inflict pain.

The potential desire to be bigger, which means more protected, very often turns into an insurmountable obstacle in order to lose weight.


Chronic stress

Family conflicts, unsuccessful relationships, problems at work - all these are daily stresses that can adversely affect not only the psyche, but also the weight. There can be many reasons, but the key habit of many is to compensate for stress with food, usually at night or later.

A constant state of repressed stress destroys the nervous system, leads to emotional burnout, as a result - to devastation and short-term, sometimes it can drag on for a rather long period, the loss of the meaning of life.


Naturally, in such a state, what kind of self-love can we talk about ?! Often, some choose to escape from reality, which is realized through alcohol, cigarettes and drugs, while others seize reality.

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