What prevents you from being seductive in the eyes of men
What prevents you from being seductive in the eyes of men

You are familiar with the situation when you look great, take care of yourself, realize yourself in your career, but something does not go well with your personal life.

While on your girlfriend Svetka, who has cellulite, acne on her face and the absence of any career, men flock like "flies to honey"? It's simple - you make mistakes that prevent you from being seductive in the person of the opposite sex.

Male duties


Men and women, of course, are equally important and no one has the right to infringe on their rights, but nevertheless, our functions and responsibilities are different.

When a girl takes on male responsibilities and takes responsibility for everyone around, she can no longer think about beauty and pleasure, which is very important for the fair sex.

You do not get pleasure


To be seductive, you need to be able to have fun. And it's not just about sex. It's about life in general: drinking delicious coffee, loving your job, being able to relax and eating what you like.

Analyze how often you feel happy and how often you are truly interested in life.

Lack of time for yourself


A seductive girl always knows what she wants, and is also in harmony with herself. Work, at home, other worries - when there is no time for yourself, sexual attractiveness is lost.

Make it a rule for yourself and never deviate from it - devote only 2 hours to yourself twice a week. And let the whole world wait.

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