Funny gadgets of the Japanese that cheer up and make life brighter
Funny gadgets of the Japanese that cheer up and make life brighter

The Japanese know a lot about technology and psychology.

Humanity has become accustomed to the fact that new gadgets are a part of life. And the Japanese know exactly how to make it brighter and more fun!

Suitcase with ears

Fravel is the world's first suitcase with moving ears. This is a solution for those who cannot take their pet on a trip - such a bag will certainly keep company, and it has already received the title of "the cutest suitcase in the world."


One has only to put a hand on him, as he begins to move his ears, like a real kitten. By the way, Fravel is sold not only with removable ears, but also with a "beating heart". Such a suitcase costs about $ 100.

Toy bed

The Japanese are anime gurus and big fans. It is not surprising that many inventions deal with this subject matter. For example, this funny bed called "Totoro" is inspired by the famous movie My Neighbor Totoro.


A great gift for all Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli fans. Who doesn't want to take a nap on such a soft and fluffy bed?

Moreover, it costs only $ 85 in Chinese online stores.

Cat pillow

A robotic pillow that looks like a cat and can even wag its tail is what you need after a hard day's work, of course, if there is no real animal at home.


The Qoobo pillow is capable of responding to various caresses, but, like a real cat, it can also demand attention or express its fatigue.

Helmet with hair hole

In Japan, it is very popular to ride a motor scooter, where there are many drivers - girls. Thus, motorcycle helmet manufacturers decided to take care of excellent riders with a special series of riding accessories.

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