Women with big noses began to massively upload their profile photos to the Internet
Women with big noses began to massively upload their profile photos to the Internet

It is customary to think that if you are a girl, and your nose has a shape that is different from the shape of a small button, then no prince will invite you to marry …

From childhood, Radhika Sanghani, a journalist from London, thought that she was ugly, because she was born into the white world with a big nose.

And only in adulthood, the girl was able to fall in love with her anatomical feature - and even began to urge other big-nosed girls to show off their dignity on Instagram, using the hashtag #sideprofileselfie.

I hated my nose for most of my life, says Sanghani. - I felt ugly because there are so few actresses and models on the screen who have big noses … As a child, friends told me that I would be prettier with a small nose. And the children kept shouting after me on the street: "Look - a big-nosed Indian!"


Previously, Sanghani tried to be photographed in any way, but not in profile, when the size of the nose looks especially impressive.

Now the girl encourages all nosy women to start being proud of their peculiarity and deliberately expose their big nose for everyone to see.

I want to rid people of the stereotypical idea that a big nose is ugly, says Sanghani. “My dream is for the beauty, fashion and entertainment industries to bring big-nosed women to the fore.


Sanghani believes that the patriarchy of modern society is to blame for the prejudice against women with big noses:

My theory is that small noses seem more attractive because they fit into the patriarchal idea that women - small, delicate, feminine - should take up as little space as possible. However, the big nose is actually a powerful thing. He gives the image of a woman strength and attractiveness, so let's be proud of our big noses!

Hearing Sanghani's call, women began to massively upload photos of the most valuable thing they have on the Internet:

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