Purple eye shadow in celebrity makeup: 5 star examples
Purple eye shadow in celebrity makeup: 5 star examples

Ultraviolet is recognized as the most fashionable color of 2018 by the Pantone Color Institute.

All shades of purple are actively being introduced into the fashion and beauty industry. And we can trace this to the example of celebrities.

Interesting: purple eyeshadow will suit any eye color, but it is important to choose "your" shade of purple. It is also important to choose the right lipstick, since the purple shades are bright enough so that the makeup does not look vulgar and defiant, the lipstick should be almost invisible.


Rihanna's dark skin and karo-green eyes match very bright shades of purple. This color is one of the favorites of the celebrity, and it so coincided that it is he who is most in trend now.


Demi Lovato

In makeup, Demi Lovato loves peach or light pink tones, with a little glitter on top, but is always open to experimentation. A bright image with purple is what you need for a social event or a party. Purple is great for brown-eyed women, making their eyes expressive in a special way.


Kerry Washington

Actress Carrie Washington is very modest in her makeup. It is possible to see bright shadows, smoky eyes or rich lipstick on it only in very rare cases. But purple suits her unambiguously!


Katy Perry

The singer Katy Perry has such a type (fair skin, light eyes and dark hair) that purple makes her very refreshing and bright. By the way, in makeup, the purple tone can be perfectly combined with other shades.

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