When you can forgive a man: in what situations you should forgive a man
When you can forgive a man: in what situations you should forgive a man

Every couple has difficulties in their relationship, but difficulties do not always mean their end.

There are situations where relationship problems are just a signal that you need to work on them. However, not all.

American psychologist Michael Wing says forgiveness is key to living a long and happy life together. Of course, when it comes from both partners.

Excessive emotionality


If a man raises his voice in a fit of emotion, do not rush to leave him. It's just that he perceives stressful situations and his raised tone does not mean at all that he does not love you.

To forgive his screams, try to get into his position and imagine how he feels at the moment when he cannot contain his emotions. When you understand this, there will be no room in your heart for resentment.

Important: psychologists are sure that in no case should you forgive physical or emotional abuse, as well as attempts at total control.

The desire to be alone


After a quarrel, a man wants to be alone in order to put himself in order and calm down. While girls need company in the same situations.

If after a quarrel he leaves and does not want to hug you, do not rush to draw conclusions. Just give it time to cool down. And then he can calm you down.

Lack of tender words


Girls want to constantly hear something pleasant about themselves, but let's be honest, a very small percentage of men are able to express their feelings for a long time. Do not rush to be offended and analyze well what your man does for you.

Is he trying to help you solve your problems? Or maybe it makes you happy with something sweet when you are sad? Or gives flowers? Perhaps he makes you tea in the morning? People show their feelings for another in different ways, and if your man cares about you (albeit not the way you would like), you should not be offended by him.

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