Why early booking is beneficial for everyone
Why early booking is beneficial for everyone

If you want to have a good rest in the summer, you should think about it now. After all, as practice shows: whoever books tours earlier saves more.

A few years ago, Ukrainians did not use the early booking service so often, preferring to buy tours shortly before departure. But this trend is changing - and here's why.

Benefits of early booking


In 2018, one of the largest travel companies on the Ukrainian market - TUI Ukraine, offers simply incredible conditions for early booking. So, now you do not need to pay for the entire tour at once, and if its cost becomes lower by the time of departure, you will be refunded the difference. But let's talk about everything in order.

Until April 30, 2018, the TUI Ukraine company is holding an "Early booking" promotion, within which you can get a discount on the tour in the amount of up to 40%. In addition, the down payment for the tour will be only 30% of the price. You will need to pay the rest 2-3 weeks before the departure date (the exact time depends on the direction you are going to fly to).


It is also interesting that according to the new rules of early booking, if you fail to fly away on the selected date (for example, a child is ill), the company is ready to postpone the tour to other dates without imposing any penalty. And, you must admit that this is a huge plus.

Interesting: this year TUI Ukraine is opening new directions. In particular, we are talking about Tunisia, Italy (Calabria region), Albania and the Greek islands of Corfu and Rhodes.

How much is summer vacation 2018


Speaking about prices, experts predict an increase in prices for the most popular destinations among Ukrainians by 10-15%.

Also, if we talk about Turkey (which has been a favorite for Ukrainian tourists in the summer for several years now), a decrease in prices during the season is not expected this year. Therefore, it is better to book tours in advance.

As for new directions, the TUI Ukraine company offers tours to Tunisia for 7 days at a price of UAH 9,485 per person. Greek direction - from 12029 UAH per person (Rhodes island). For tours to Calabria (Italy), the price starts from 15,745 for one.

Remember, it's not long before summer, so choose a good vacation now.

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