The dog ate the wedding photos of the lovers, and this is what they did
The dog ate the wedding photos of the lovers, and this is what they did

Unpleasant situations always provide new opportunities!

Briton Che Dyer got married with her lover Warren in 2013 in South Africa.

The girl was incredibly fond of photographing and therefore took the choice of a photographer seriously. She could hardly restrain herself so as not to photograph the celebration on an iPhone, just in case …


Perhaps the girl should have listened to her intuition, because soon the couple received a letter from the wedding photographer, who said that his dog damaged the hard drive with all the pictures. Che cried for a very long time because of what had happened.

After a year of family life, the couple went to a music festival in Belgium. It was then that the idea arose to repeat the wedding photo session. The lovers bought wedding suits and went to a photo session.

Che and Warren became real stars - they wanted to be photographed with them and even filmed in a local TV channel.


The couple got a taste! Now they travel the world and are sure to be photographed for a wedding album.

For example, this photo was taken in India.


The couple was photographed in Amsterdam.


The favorite city of all lovers is Paris!

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Every time a couple puts on their wedding suits, they are immersed in the atmosphere of celebration and love again!

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