Body positive lessons
Body positive lessons

Accept your body - and it will become more beautiful, and you - happier. Exactly in this sequence.

1. What determines the level of happiness

Numerous polls show that there is no relationship between the subjective feeling of happiness and the external parameters of a person. The key idea of ​​the fashionable body positivity now comes down to loving yourself for who you are. And this really triggers changes on all levels, including the physical. After all, when we stop being shy and hating our body, self-improvement becomes many times more effective.


2. Vector of thoughts

Where our attention is directed, energy flows there. And the object of attention increases. If you are worried, for example, about your fat butt, then: a) it will become larger; b) others will also see only her. Exercise: During the week, think about the beautiful features of your appearance as often as possible. About the "bad" - not a word, not a thought. You will see how many compliments you start getting!

3. Engage your body in a new way

Stereotypes about appearance and age impose a taboo on us: we don’t wear mini, we don’t ride a scooter (where are we in our years!), we don’t go to dances (everyone is thin there, and I’m fat). Stop adjusting to the standards imposed by someone! Use your body in a new way, start enjoying it - and it will respond to you with flexibility and health. If mini and dancing today is too stressful for you to leave your comfort zone, choose an intermediate option - a feminine dress (if you usually run in trousers) or "neutral" yoga.


4. Be inspired by someone else's example

Explore the stories of plus size models and successful women with non-standard looks. Today's popularity of dummy models is not just another round of fashion history, but a real positive contribution to public consciousness. Most of them, moreover, are active in social activities, urging girls of all ages and sizes to stop fighting with their appearance. And they tell how they managed it themselves. And the famous fitness blogger from the USA Anna Victoria (@annavictoria), whose Instagram has 1.3 million subscribers, held a campaign. She posted a photo of her figure from different angles: on some, the tummy looks imperfect, on others, wrinkles and loose skin are noticeable.

Women do not adequately assess their appearance if they do not see similar shortcomings in others, says Anna. - How can you not love your body because of completely natural folds ?!

5. Eat with joy

Food is one of life's most powerful pleasures.So why deprive yourself of it? Down with boring diets! Eat right in general. This will help not prohibitions-restrictions, but awareness: do I really want a piece of sausage right now? And the heaviness in the stomach after that? Or am I so stressful? And sometimes allow yourself some indulgence: a piece of cake in good company, with laughter and talk, will not affect the waist!


6. Dress nicely

"To hide those extra pounds, wear baggy robes in dull colors." Another myth! Study the tips of stylists, spend a few days choosing a wardrobe and trying on. And finally buy bright fashionable clothes that hide flaws and emphasize advantages. Fortunately, now beautiful things are produced not only in XS size. Let your reflection in the mirror make you smile.

7. Put on the image of the queen - and you will become her

We always become who we really see ourselves as. Following our inner notion, circumstances inevitably follow. So stop even thinking of yourself as stupid (ugly, fat, etc.). In qigong there is thought therapy.

Put on the image of a woman who is loved, admired (and the way she is) - and you will become her!

How can this be done in reality?Some are helped by the practice of mentally putting on and holding the crown on the head during the day: just remember - the shoulders immediately straighten, the back straightens, and a regal smile blooms on the lips. Others imagine how their body was washed by a waterfall of love - bright and sparkling, which washes away and carries away all the negativity, fills with joy and confidence. Find what works for you and apply!

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