7 main differences between a provincial and a city woman
7 main differences between a provincial and a city woman

More and more girls are coming to cities. And they conquer them. But sometimes they continue to mentally remain in their town with thoughts and habits. Sometimes it's cute, and sometimes it can even hurt your reputation.

In no case should you be ashamed of your origin. But if you have already decided to pass off as “your own” in a big city, pay attention to what can give you away.


Of course, it is beautiful and feminine and looks quite appropriate in a restaurant or an opera. But everyone who has lived in a big city for many years and often runs on business understands: you won't last long on high heels. And she changes into graceful, stylish boots for a more comfortable ride.


Emphasized sexuality

Neckline with a short skirt, platform heels, fishnet tights, red inviting lips and a glitter bag. Yes, such a girl will be noticed, but they are unlikely to be taken seriously.

Bright makeup during the day

Another trait that characterizes the desire to attract attention among an unexpectedly large crowd. Bright makeup is good, but not during the day, when employees should not be distracted from their work with three layers of bright lipstick.


Artificial brands

If a girl from the provinces began to mimic a city woman, then she washed off the bright makeup and in the choice between a neckline and a short skirt settled on one thing. But the trouble is, if she decided to take brands. Some can really afford them, but you will never enter their company with fakes: they have learned to distinguish them better than the originals.

Going to parties is like going to work

In search of the right connections and wealthy grooms, the girls go to all the fashionable events of the city and do not miss a single party in the club. If this is not part of her profession, then the desire to quickly join the Kiev get-together is noticeable even to those who look at her photos from parties on a smartphone.


Money in appearance

Another distinguishing feature of a girl who does not live in a big city for too long is to invest in looks, not education. Yes, fake lips and tattooing give quick results, but studying and owning a profession provide more long-term benefits.

Obsession with marriage

And, finally, an irresistible desire to get married by all means will also distinguish a city woman from a girl from a small settlement. In a city where there are many prospects and men will not go anywhere even after 30, women are more worried about how to build a career and learn than to look for a husband without fail and urgently.

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