How to forget your ex
How to forget your ex

It can be so hard to forget your ex-boyfriend at times. It would seem that you understand that he caused you a lot of pain and suffering, but your heart still wants to return everything.

It is also sad that in such a situation time does not always heal. A month, two, a year passes, but you can't forget it. How to build new relationships. What to do in such a situation?

American psychologist Jane Buffin is sure that if you take 4 simple steps, you will definitely forget your ex, opening the door to a new relationship.

Get rid of the memories


To remove a person from life (as well as from the heart), get rid of everything that reminds you of him. Photos, some things or joint purchases - get rid of everything.

Also, remember all the details of your life together, both good and bad. Just sit down alone and remember everything that happened. If you want to cry, cry, but you must free your mind from memories.

Change your life


To start a new life, you need to change its course a little. No, you don't need to move to another city or change jobs, just change your daily habits: if you drank coffee with him in the morning, drink tea; if you always come on time - allow yourself to be late, change your hairstyle, habits and makeup, and also eat what only you like.

Let the little things in your life be different.

Do what you put off


Living together with someone, as a rule, "pushes" personal desires into the background: there is always not enough time to go to a beautician, to take dancing or singing lessons. Women, as a rule, completely switch to the desires of a man and completely forget about themselves.

Think about what you didn't have enough time for while you were in a relationship - and bring it to life.

Meet men


The truth is that the wedge is knocked out by the wedge. This does not mean that you need to give up everything and rush to build relationships with the first person you meet. However, let men ask you out and have a good time.

Why not? It will help you understand that there is life outside of the relationship with your ex. And it can be interesting.

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