The girl conquered the world with pictures in dresses on Instagram
The girl conquered the world with pictures in dresses on Instagram

A blogger girl from Russia became famous all over the world thanks to mesmerizing photos on Instagram

Ninelli loves to travel, is a professional dancer and enjoys being photographed. One day she came up with a wonderful idea to combine all her favorite hobbies into one bright photo project called #MyDressStories. Now the girl actively travels and shares amazing pictures from different parts of the world.


The main feature of Ninelli's pictures is her outfits. The girl successfully combines textures, details and accessories, creating thematic images for a particular location. Thanks to them, the landscapes in the pictures are sensual and vivid. Ninelli creates many outfits herself, trying to express her own vision of natural landscapes and local national traditions through them.

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The girl took the first photo for her blog in Venice, where her mother took a picture of her.

“I know Venice inside and out. Therefore, having arrived there again, I just wanted to do a bright photo session there. In creating the image, my mother's blouse, a skirt from a dance costume and, of course, a gondolier's hat came in handy. When my mother took some of my pictures at dawn, I was fascinated by their beauty and realized that I wanted to continue it,”the girl says.


Nowadays, no Ninelli trip is complete without a series of breathtaking shots. A few weeks before the trip, she already begins to think over images, look for ideas and inspiration on the Internet, take an interest in stores where you can buy something useful and interesting. But, despite such a thorough preparation, most often he sews outfits at night before the trip.

“I’ve forgotten how easy it is to walk down the street with a small purse and a cup of coffee, and not with a huge backpack full of clothes, tools and various materials to create that perfect look,” says Ninelli.

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Also, the blogger has already visited New Zealand, India, Montenegro, Scotland, Vietnam, Turkey, Georgia, Kazakhstan and other countries. Her photo collection is constantly growing, and the number of subscribers is growing every day.

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