We are raising three children, and we have enough time for everything: Alesya Kalyagina on how to start a business
We are raising three children, and we have enough time for everything: Alesya Kalyagina on how to start a business

Alesya Kalyagina is a professional business coach and coach, founder and director of the GOOD WILL educational travel agency, Tony Robbins' representative in Ukraine. She is also a mother of three children, an incredibly beautiful girl and a very pleasant companion. In a conversation with "Edinstvennaya" Alesya shared her vision of the business, the secrets of how to take the first step, and also talked about her dream.

About creating your own business


I have always admired entrepreneurs: rebels, creators, enthusiasts. For me they were celestials. I was ready to listen to them for hours - how they started the business, how they decided, what they faced. Each story was the story of a hero. I also wanted to be a hero, to create, to be useful. TOPIC: 3 mistakes, because of which plans for the coming year often do not come true First there was a training company, then a tourist company, then a tent camp, then again tourism. The current business emerged at the intersection of tourism and consulting: we organize trips to seminars with the coolest speakers, for example, Tony Robbins, as well as business excursions to great companies: Zappos, Apple, TripAdviser, etc. We help the strong to be even stronger.

About the qualities of a businessman

In my collection, I have a modest list of 25 entrepreneurial traits that are critical to success. TOP-5: courage, high energy level, antifragility, boringness and a sense of humor.

About "male" and "female" business


I would not divide the business into "male" and "female". I know women who do an excellent job in the construction business, and men who develop beauty salons. And everyone is quite successful. But the difference in male and female management styles or leadership approaches is significant. And this is not about gender differences. TOPIC: 6 important signs of Internet addiction that you need to pay attention to Male leadership is achievements, goals, pressure, energy, breaking through the walls with your head, the result regardless of the circumstances, technology, speed. Women's leadership is communication, love for clients, atmosphere in a team, disclosure of talents and potential, flexibility, intuition. And now there is a very great need in the world for women's leadership. Both men and women can manifest it.

About "women's choice"


Three steps to start your own business and the main principles in business

  • Train the discipline to learn how to achieve "long goals"
  • Train your creative muscle to create really worthwhile ideas
  • A lot, often, exclusively communicate with entrepreneurs. Among those who live in business, it will be impossible not to create their own business, too.

Business principles:

  • Make your team happy
  • Surprise and delight customers
  • Be better today than yesterday

About a dream

I want us, as humanity, to learn, finally, to resolve issues in a civilized way, and not by force and weapon.

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