Why plans for the new year do not come true: the main reasons
Why plans for the new year do not come true: the main reasons

From the new year, many girls want to start a new life and radically change something in it. However, plans often remain just plans.

To make plans for the coming year come true, psychologists ask you to pay attention to the following mistakes, which each of us makes quite often.

Too big a goal


A big goal is great. But in order to achieve it, you must understand your intermediate goals. Only by understanding each step on the way to the goal, you will be able to realize it.

When planning, break your goal down into small steps and start moving. Everything will definitely work out.

You don't let go of the past


A person is afraid that something bad may await him in the future. Therefore, making plans, few people are able to leave their comfort zone and dream of something that has nothing to do with the present.

Moreover, many people make plans based on past experience. And this is also not very good, because you are narrowing the range of your possibilities. Dream big and make plans regardless of any conditions. This will increase the chance that you will realize your plans, and not just think about them.

You criticize yourself a lot


You criticize yourself often and a lot. As soon as something goes wrong, as you intended, you immediately begin to criticize. At the same time, not sparing myself at all.

Remember, criticism can only be constructive: draw conclusions why something did not work out and move on. If you constantly engage in criticism, it will end very badly.

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