New Year 2018: Lera Prisyazhnyuk spoke about how to spend an unforgettable holiday with your family
New Year 2018: Lera Prisyazhnyuk spoke about how to spend an unforgettable holiday with your family

Who among us, as a child, did not wait with bated breath for the morning of January 1, when at last you can run under the tree and, holding your breath, unpack the cherished packages ?!

Valeria Prisyazhnyuk - mother of two children, blogger. She knows exactly what generic depression is and how to teach children to be in harmony with themselves. Today Lera shares with you ideas about New Year's gifts.

Only now, having become parents, we begin to understand what it cost our mothers and fathers this happy moment. On the eve of the New Year's holidays, parents, as a rule, run in panic around the shops in search of worthy gifts under the Christmas tree and are worried to have time to "grab" that cherished surprise before it disappears from the store shelves.


Our family is no exception, and we also very carefully choose gifts for children in order to contemplate their admiring eyes on that magical morning. Since it is almost impossible to surprise modern children and every year you have to be more and more sophisticated, I will share with you our “notions” and ideas on the topic “how to be a cool Santa Claus”.

To begin with, I think that the New Year holidays are a time created so that children spend it with their parents. As if at this time you belong to your children on a legal basis. This is already one of the gifts. After all, you are in no hurry, you feel good and comfortable, you give yourself completely and completely to your kids. At least for a couple of days, but completely and completely. They will not appreciate this gift by shouting: "Wow!", But the time will come and this gift will return to you a hundredfold.

And also, any absolutely gift will acquire a special "charm" if it is not easy to find it under the tree, even wrapped in colorful paper, but to be pulled out of a large red bag that Santa Claus left especially for you. Such bags are sold in markets and specialized stores, Christmas markets. But I suggest making such a bag yourself. We buy the fabric, which you like, red, sew on both sides, so that it looks like a bag, separately we make a ribbon and get stuck and voila! Santa Claus sack is ready!


All parents in their head are trying to scroll through several options for gifts and make a decision: to give the child what he wants and asks for a long time (another designer and doll) or to give a useful gift that develops. My advice is parents, give a long-awaited gift for the New Year!

Let the child believe in miracles and fairy tales for as long as possible, because he made a wish, wrote a letter to Santa Claus, and he certainly cannot "disappoint". And in order for the baby's desire to coincide with your capabilities, just write a letter together. Make it a tradition, then you will know exactly what your baby wants.

So, let's get down to the gift itself

If your child is from 1 to 2 years old, then this is the same age when the kids are actively exploring all the drawers and bedside tables, they love to push and twirl everything. At this age, a "business board" - a board with all kinds of locks, buttons and openers from the adult world, created specially for the order, taking into account the preferences of the child, will be an excellent gift.

Both boys and girls at this age will like such a gift. A very large selection of such products is offered on social networks.


Children from two to three years old should already pick up gifts, taking into account their interests and gender. Girls at this age begin to actively copy their mother, mother's activities, so I think it's great to give different pots, pans, sets of dishes for dolls and imitation food.Girls at this age really like fruits and vegetables that can be cut into pieces.

From such products, your daughter will be happy to prepare a salad and vegetable stew for you! Boys, on the other hand, tend to prefer different wind-up or radio-controlled cars or something related to instruments. There are wonderful Glow-in-the-Dark prefabricated roads and cars on the market now. Such a road is collected and can be constantly supplemented with new details, depending on your imagination and free space.

Even at the age of two to three years, children are overwhelmed by any musical and talking toys. And here it all depends on the strength of the parents' nerves. I really like talking books, especially those that make not just the sounds of talking animals, but for example telling poetry or polite words.

After three years, children already have certain interests and preferences, favorite heroes and characters. At this age, it is very cool to find a carnival costume under the tree and on a festive morning to transform into your favorite hero with the appropriate attributes. You can also donate the dough for modeling and different apparatus for using it. Each of my children at one time was delighted with a meat grinder for such a test. They sit for hours and twist various doughs in a meat grinder, prepare cupcakes and ice cream.


At all times, a dollhouse was considered the most gorgeous gift for a girl. I'm sure nothing has changed now. But I am convinced that if you take care of this in advance, you can order such a house in advance and think over all the details for the life of your baby's dolls. The luxurious houses are made by the Mousehouse project and it is from them that I plan to order a gift for my daughter next year.

Boys at the age of 4-5 begin to take an interest in robots and constructors, I think this is the same age when you can start giving older gifts, such as transformers or robots. When Vanya was at this age, under the tree he found a robot that could speak and shoot rings, his mask was glowing and he was spinning. It was a great gift!

One of my last discoveries was a 3D pen, with which you can create three-dimensional drawings, and Bunchems, funny stickies from which you can create funny little people, animals or just caterpillars.


After five years, there is very little time left before the baby ceases to be a baby, and we, the parents, stop playing the role of Moroz's case. Therefore, it is during these periods that we want to surprise our treasure as much as possible. The market offers a great variety of toys and all that remains is to make a choice. I do not want to recommend any specific gift, because at this age children are already personalities and everyone is interested in something of their own.

As I already wrote - do not hesitate, give exactly what is interesting, what he is fond of, and try to help the child get carried away in one or two directions. So, for example, when our son Vanya was fond of cars, we gave this line of toys for all holidays, for example, for the New Year-plane, for his birthday a submarine and a bus, and so on. As a result, now he has a whole collection of cars, which he proudly displays on the shelves and says that when the time comes, he will give it to his son.

We did the same with the collection of "ninja turtles". Therefore, my advice: if your child is fond of something, help him deepen this hobby, teach him how to play, because playing plot, with all the characters is much more interesting than different separately.


I would also like to remind all of us "adults" how we once, with bated breath, waited and opened colorful sweet boxes with sweets. Of course, we did not have such a variety as it is now, but I am one hundred percent sure that we should not forget about the sweet gift under the Christmas tree.

Yes, it is this sweet gift that is sold in huge quantities in stores during the pre-New Year period.It's so great to get a whole bunch of chocolates out of the bright box! Consider each candy and find there the very tasty one that you really want. And even if in ordinary life you rarely give sweets, then on New Year's Eve you can! After all, this is a magical and fabulous period!


Happy New Years and become even cooler Santa Clauses for your children this year!

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