Inexpensive electric fireplace for peace of mind: where to look
Inexpensive electric fireplace for peace of mind: where to look

A wood-fired fireplace looks beautiful in the picture, but in modern living conditions it brings too much trouble and dangers.

Electric fireplaces create a cozy atmosphere and perfectly heat the air. MagaZilla, the best price selection service, knows where to buy such a device at the lowest cost.


What should be a fireplace

Before choosing an electric fireplace, think about where you will install it. The type of device depends on this.

The floor-standing option is good for small apartments and houses. It is simple, mobile, and does not require installation. The attached model is installed against a wall or in a corner, and a separate one (like a stove - "stove") can be located anywhere, even in the center of the room. With its help, you can zone the room.

The hinged (wall-mounted) version is mounted on the wall. Good for small spaces, can be used as a night light. It does not heat very well, so it is better to use it as a decoration.

The built-in version is installed in a wall niche or fireplace portal. An elegant solid version, it looks like a real one, it gives enough heat to heat the room. Ideal for a spacious apartment or house.

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How the directory works:

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