These guys reacted out of the box to the beauty of their girls
These guys reacted out of the box to the beauty of their girls

The guys chose the only correct solution …

For every girl, the reaction and opinion of her lover is important. These guys masterfully reacted to the changes in the appearance and beauty of their girls, which conquered their loved ones, and also became heroes of social media.

Don Kirkwood, mom of five and personal growth coach. A woman for 20 years grew her long hair, but still decided on a radical change of image. Don cut her hair baldly, like many Hollywood actresses. At the same time, she did not know how her boyfriend would react to such dramatic changes in appearance …


One of Don's daughters filmed the incredible reaction of her mom's boyfriend to the image change.

So after 20 years of growing her dreads my mom wanted to cut off her hair. She wasn’t sure how my dad would react tho….but this is how he did. ????????

- praizekirkwood (@praizekirkwood) January 13, 2018

My mom wanted to cut her hair, which she had grown for 20 years. She wasn't sure how my dad would react to it … that's how it was.

And here's another story. Alexia, a student from the United States, is studying biology and has her own blog.

The girl loves to be photographed - her social media accounts are filled with selfies and photos with her boyfriend. When her beloved was at work, Alexia sent him such a selfie.

I send my boyfriend some selfies I just took while he's at work and this is his response ????

- A L E X I A ???? (@creoleegyal) January 16, 2018

The guy did not find what to say to Alexia and simply sent her a photo in return, to which he wanted to say that he was simply struck by her beauty.

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