DNA test makes best friends family
DNA test makes best friends family

The story of how true friends became brothers!

A resident of the island in the Pacific Ocean of Oahu, Walter McFarlane, did not know anything about his parents, and his brother died at the age of 19.

The man was very worried and wanted to find his relatives, but he did not succeed in this matter. One day Walter had the idea to look for his relatives using DNA services.


When the man passed all the necessary biological materials and received the results, it turned out that his DNA coincides with the DNA of a certain person under the nickname robi737.

It turned out that his school friend Alan Robinson was hiding behind a mysterious nickname. Together, the men had been friends since school (about 60 years old), and now they have become real brothers (common mother).

The brothers have a common interest - a gambling card game called cribbage, in which they spend time together.

The men reported about their relationship at a family party, which was filmed by one of the local TV channels.

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