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Skin Care: Top 10 Trends This Year
Skin Care: Top 10 Trends This Year

Trends aren't just about makeup and styling. Skin care also has its own trends. There are ten of them!

Most of the skincare trends are born, of course, thanks to marketers who develop successful promotional campaigns and know how to interest us. But many trends also appear at the suggestion of scientists who continue to study the skin and aging processes. For example, now they began to talk about beauty exclusively in relation to a healthy lifestyle.

1. Probiotics


This is perhaps the healthiest and soundest "care" trend. I am glad that in 2017 it is also the most relevant. Everyone has known for a long time that the condition of the skin depends primarily on the state of health in general. But if earlier information about this was just something like a background for discussing the effectiveness of various beauty programs, today "beauty from the inside" is almost a separate line of cosmetology. And most of all attention is paid here, of course, to the intestinal microflora, on which the condition of the skin directly depends.

Probiotics have been talked about as an indispensable beauty tool, and yogurt, miso soup and sauerkraut containing beneficial bacteria have become the number one beauty product.

2. "Smart" cleansing


Recent research shows that our skin's pH is very vulnerable. And it is impermissible to treat him so carelessly as we do today. By using harsh cleansers, we simply strip the skin of its natural protective barrier. Hence, dehydration (water evaporates freely), and sensitivity to ultraviolet light, temperature extremes and polluted air ("leaky" protection is not able to withstand aggression from the outside), and inflammation. This is why experts are now increasingly talking about the need for "smart" cleansing and gentle cleansers."

3. Beauty gadgets


More recently, various massagers, facial cleansing brushes and special brushes for applying masks were considered nothing more than a whim. Today they are a must have!

  • Devices for deep cleansing of the facial skin at home are the most popular beauty gadgets now. Still, every year we pay more and more attention to skin care, and we strive to do it as professionally as possible. And the rotating cleaning brushes fit perfectly into this trend. They really provide high-quality cleansing, polish the skin, returning it to a healthy color, while also massaging. You will definitely not achieve such an effect with your hands!
  • Brushes for applying masks. If a couple of years ago the phrase “cosmetic brush” was associated with us exclusively with makeup brushes, today everything is much more diverse: women are beginning to actively use brushes for applying masks. This way the funds fit better.

4. Products with hyaluronic acid

For a while, hyaluronic acid, if not forgotten, was at least less frequently recalled. But in 2017, "hyaluron" became popular again - scientists have not yet found another equally effective moisturizing component.


5. Jojoba oil in cosmetics

Olive and argan oils are no longer so popular: a new favorite among cosmetologists is jojoba oil. Why is it interesting? First of all, amino acids, from which the collagen protein is then built in our body.

  • Moisturizing mask. Mix equal parts jojoba oil and heavy cream.
  • Mask against "crow's feet". In 1 st. a spoonful of jojoba oil, add 2 drops of vitamin A and 2 drops of vitamin E. Apply to the skin in the corners of the eyes for 10 minutes.
  • Rejuvenating mask. 1 tbsp. Dilute a spoonful of jojoba oil in 2 tbsp.spoons of decoction of calendula or chamomile flowers, add 3 drops of aloe juice.

6. Alginate masks


Their main active ingredient is alginic acid, which is found in seaweed. How to use?

  • Skin preparation. Cleanse your face with makeup remover and apply your usual serum.
  • Application of the mask. Mix the mask powder with mineral water in equal proportions and quickly apply with a spatula to the skin when the serum is absorbed.
  • Removing the mask. It is a plasticizing agent (hardens on the skin). Remove it carefully, taking it by the edges at the chin line and lifting it up to the hair. Wipe your skin with tonic, apply cream.

7. Cleansing sticks

The new - convenient and economical - format of the skin cleanser came to us, like most of the latest beauty premieres, from Asia. We open the cap, unscrew the stick 1 cm, walk it over the moistened skin and rinse it off with water or remove it with a make-up remover napkin. Very convenient when traveling! By the way, the product easily removes even waterproof makeup and prevents the development of acne.

8. Boosters


In English, boost is "gain, acceleration". Cosmetologists call boosters products that increase the effectiveness or accelerate the action of conventional creams and serums, helping their active ingredients penetrate deeper into the skin, work faster and exactly as intended. That is, if you apply a booster to your face before applying your favorite anti-aging cream, the result will be much more noticeable. Boosters can also be added to other cosmetic products, thus increasing the effectiveness of the latter, and even used as a standalone product.

But since the “enhancer” cosmetics are distinguished by a rather high concentration of active substances, they are used as the main care only in courses or in the case when an ambulance is needed.

9. Very light texture

If you are interested in cosmetics from Asia that are popular today, then you have probably already met cosmetics that are unusual for European women, which are marketed as creams and serums, but in consistency more like tonics and foams. This is a new generation of caring cosmetics, created on the basis of the latest research showing that very light textures work more effectively than dense oily ones. For now, cream-water or serum-soufflé is a wonder for us, but in the world it is already a trend.

10. Multimasking


Different parts of the face need different care, which means that one mask cannot be dispensed with. This has already been proven!

  • The skin of the T-zone is usually oily, therefore masks should be used on the forehead, bridge of the nose and chin, which control oily sheen and matte. Products with kaolin, eucalyptus extract are effective.
  • On the cheeks, the focus is on hydration: opt for a hyaluronic acid treatment. Often a mesh of fine wrinkles forms on the cheeks early - smoothing masks, for example, with clay and red algae, can help solve this problem. Look out for charcoal detox products as well.
  • the skin under the eyes, which is very delicate, needs masks specially designed for it.

The principles of multimasking are applied not only in nutrition and hydration, but also in cleansing the skin: different areas of the face need to be cleaned in different ways. If you take classic clay masks, for example, they are rarely fully adapted to this need. Therefore, for example, L'Oréal Paris experts have created clay masks "Magic of Clay", based on various combinations of three types of clay. Each mask has an active ingredient that can help address a specific problem.

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