5 secrets of perfect eyebrows
5 secrets of perfect eyebrows

Should you make wide eyebrows and how the lines of the eyebrows are connected with the shape of the lips - read about this in our material.

If you want your eyebrows to be always well-groomed, stick to these five rules.

  • The form: focusing on the lips. Yes, on the lips, you were not mistaken! If they are straight, the lines of the eyebrows should also be even, you should not make a pronounced bend: the eyebrows with a house are not your option.
  • Color: a tone or two darker than hair. Even very beautiful eyebrows with the correct curvature and ideal density can look disadvantageous if they are almost invisible or, conversely, they are too dark.
  • Wide eyebrows are not for everyone! If you have a small face with small features, do not go for fashion - wide accent eyebrows will not work for you. Eyebrows that are too long make the eyes look smaller. They will not only not decorate, on the contrary - they will make you older. Look up to Halle Berry - her classic eyebrows are considered the standard.
  • The distance between the eyebrows is an important point. It should be equal to the distance between the eyes or slightly wider. By removing hairs that grow close to the bridge of the nose, you will make your eyes more open. When correcting the base of the eyebrows, give up the square shape - it looks aggressive.
  • Length matters too. Eyebrows that are too long make the eyes look smaller.

Hit-2017- disheveled eyebrows. To achieve a fashionable effect, paint over the eyebrows with a pencil with short vertical strokes. Then fix with gel, wait a minute and go through the hairs with an eyebrow brush, ruffling them.

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